HT-44 Mic Gain

Harry Vaught, KT4AE kt4ae at FROZENLADY.COM
Wed Apr 6 08:12:08 EDT 2005

Using an un-amplified crystal mike on my HT-44 requires the audio gain 
to be turned up to about 8 to get the meter reading the manual 
specifies.  With an amplified D-104, everything's fine, but it seems 
like cheating.

My HT-32 has all the gain you want with any kind of mike and the HT-44 
manual uses the same words as the HT-32 manual - something about having 
enough gain for all kinds of mikes, as I recall.  The circuits are 
similar, but not identical.

I've swapped the 12AX7, checked the voltages and resistances and all 
seem ok.

Before I get serious about this, is this a characteristic of the breed? 
  Has anyone run into this?  Should I just get over it?


Harry, KT4AE

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