Project rcvrs FS: SX-62 & SX-42

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Thu Apr 14 14:56:20 EDT 2005

Hi folks,
    These rcvrs are taking up space that I'd rather use for something of
more interest to me these days.  I will not ship either, but will be going
to the Raleigh, NC, 'fest this weekend and can deliver if anyone can meet
me or knows anyone who can do the hauling.
    Here's some details:
    SX-62  -  I have not tested this rcvr, I was told it had a bad power
xfmr when I bought it, and I will include what may be a suitable
substitute (similarly sized).  The previous owner had taken it out of the
cabinet, and had taken part of the bezel assy off.  The clear glass is
cracked, one of the large knobs has a chunk of the rim missing..  It looks
to be complete, no major dings on the cabinet.   There are probably a few
screws missing, no feet on the cabinet.  I have $125 in it and will sell
it for that.
    SX-42  --  I've had this one for several years, but it is untested
also.  I had the panel painted and silkscreened and the cabinet
professionally painted at the same time I did another SX-42.  They are in
excellent condition.  The rcvr is disassembled partially, the panel is
still off.  All parts & knobs are present, incl. the oft missing
bandspread clutch knob and shaft, probably a few screws missing.  I have
almost $150 in the panel & cabinet work, will sell it all for $225.

    You can see pix of the panel/cabinet on the other SX-42, those on this
one were done at the same time.  Also some old pix of the SX-62.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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