Looking for RME 4300 information

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Wed Aug 3 14:05:00 EDT 2005

Just picked up a RME 4300 from Ken Brandt on this list and now I am 
looking for information before turning it on and doing a little 
maintenance work.  My needs are as follows:

1.    Would like to find a free web source for a manual - preferably one 
that covers servicing. BAMA does not have one.  Darn. I have a 
particular need for a good schematic, alignment instructions and some 
idea of how to access the variable speed dial.

2.    There are at least two nice and reputable sources for manuals that 
I have found (and used before). One has an 'Operators' manual and the 
other has an 'Operators/Service' manual (at about 2x the price). Not 
sure if the Service manual gives me anything more than the 'Operators' 
manual.  So my question is: does anyone know if the latter manual has 
substantially more than the first?

3.    From my initial foray's on the internet, I gather the dual speed 
dial is a known bad actor. One source implied they never did work right 
and that some type of retro-fit was necessary. Does anyone have any 
specific information on what to do - parts required, general process, etc?

Thanks to all for reading this and thanks to Ken for selling me the 
radio. It is a nice fit to my collection of RME radios.  Now I just need 
a RME 4350 and maybe a RME 6900. Well, just need is a relative term.  My 
wife would say I need none of the above!

Happy collecting and 73
Bob Groh, WA2CKY
Blue Springs, MO. 64014

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