RME-69 question

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Wed Aug 3 15:05:50 EDT 2005

I'm planning on purchasing an RME-69 from a local SK's son (who himself is 
84 years young). After being directed to me by the local hams, he dropped 
over to our house last week to inquire if I or anyone would be interested 
in it. (I got dibs!!)  He did not know too much about it but brought a 
picture to show me.

I fetched my "Communications Receivers, 4th Edition" book by Ray Moore and 
we determined from the somewhat fuzzy Polaroid picture and his recollection 
that it was an RME-69 (not a -69/LS-1) as shown on page 124. RMEs of this 
vintage usually did not have panel markings. On this unit there are Dymo 
labels placed above each control indicating function.

I have not personally seen the unit to judge for myself  the exact condx. I 
told him I would like to buy it from him when I could gather some money to 
pay for it based on an average market value and condx. (I'm presently an 
unemployed engineer.)

In researching the RME-69 I found a couple of anecdotal comments stating it 
was a good performer in the upper-most band as well as the lower five. What 
does the collective experience of the list feel about that performance comment?

What does the list feel it should be valued at? I want to give him a fair 
price for it. The online boatanchor value lists are either seemingly a 
touch out of date or the range varies widely, IMO.

Any other interesting comments about the -69?

Anybody got a decent manual (copy or original)?

Thanks for your valuable opinions.

Regards,  Chris F.


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