Heath Grid Dip meter, microphone, and other items FS

Fri Dec 30 18:03:55 EST 2005

Heath items for sale:

Heath GD-1 B Grid Dip Meter For Sale:
At one point, this was the "standard" grid dip meter.
It covers 2 to 250 MHz, with five coils. All five coils 
are included (even the little piece of wire that is the 
100 to 250 MHz coil).  The box that holds the coils 
is original and in good condition.
Paper work is included for $40.

Heath GH-12 A hand microphone.
This is the hand mic that was used on the HW and
SB series transceivers from 25 or 30 years ago.  It
is a Hi Z ceramic mic.  This particular mic works fine 
and is in good condition.  It even includes the mounting 
clip (which looks like it was never used), and the paper 
work for $ 30.

Heath IP-2728 bench power supply
This power supply is good for up to 15 V DC at up to 500
ma.  The voltage is variable down to about half a volt.  It
has current limiting that is adjustable as well.  It is really a
very versatile power supply.  It is in the Heath blue color 
scheme.  This one works fine, looks great, and includes
paper work for $45.

Heath parts For Sale:

Heath Knobs for SB line
These are the knobs used on most all of the SB line, and
are the size with the 1 1/8 inch skirt.  They are not perfect,
but are in good shape.  Three available for $4 each.

Heath Knobs for HW-2036, HW-202, etc.
These are all "push on" knobs, with no set screw.
Larger, 3/4 inch skirt.  Three available for $3 each.
Smaller, 1/2 inch skirt.  Four available for $2 each.

Cover for Heath Wattmeter
This is the inverted "U" cover that fits the Heath HM-102
and HM-2102 wattmeters, and maybe other units. 
I have two available.  Both are in very nice shape.
No scratches, dents, or dings that I can find.
One is the normal Heath Green color.  $12
The other has been painted black to match Drake 
gear. It is no longer Heath Green. $12

Mu Metal shield for 3 inch CRT

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