Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jul 20 20:46:22 EDT 2005

Actually, there is a way to electronically reply to
the NPRM which works better than to attempt to write
your response.  Also, if the written response is not
in a specific form (including margins, choice of font,
size of type, etc.) the FCC does NOT have to accept
the response.

E-Mailing does no good.  However, any response that is
made through the proper link on the FCC website IS
automatically added to the file and can be retrieved
by anyone as can a PROPERLY submitted written

As for E-Mailing your Congressman and Senators, I have
found this to be the best way of contacting them. 
However, you need to go to their respective websites
and follow the instructions and link provided thereon.

Glen, K9STH

--- Tom Norris <r390a at> wrote:

OK guy, of the ones yelling the loudest, how many of
you plan to write - NOT EMAIL - the FCC or your
congresscritter on this issue?

Glen, K9STH

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