Need Oddball Caps.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Wed Jun 1 08:47:03 EDT 2005

Orrin - if you don't want to buy the high priced 700V caps, you can 
always put twop 350V ones
in series. It's easy.  Just use a parallel balancing resistor of 
something like 100 kilohms at 2 watts across each
of them.

If you want it to look original, expect to pay very high prices. There 
is no one making 700V caps that
I am aware of. Chances are that anything you buy wold be 30-40 years old 
and fail on you anyway!

Orrin Bentz wrote:

>Good Evening Gentlemen
>I am recapping a URM 25D. There are 3 4uf 650 WVDC electrolytics
>in the power supply. I checked catalogs from Mouser, Digiky, Newark One, and
>Antique Radio Supply with no luck at finding anything even close.
>Then I tried to see what I could put in series to achieve the needed values.
>No luck, the voltage was always too low for the cap. value.
>Now I know there are a couple of guys around who rebuild these things,
>but at about $30.00 a pop that would end up costing more than  I paid for
>the 25D in the first place.
>Anyone have any ideas?  Maybe these things are so old as to not worth 
>Orrin Bentz
>47.1234703  -93.5748444 

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