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Sun Mar 6 13:25:51 EST 2005

After talking to "officers" on MANY issues, and over MANY years, I found 
myself voting with my feet also.

I never went over personal petty issues.  Each one was/is a VERY 
significant one.

Currently, the issue IS BPL.  We have it here in Manassas, VA.

It is well documented, recorded, analyzed, and etc.  Hollingsworth is 
VERY well aware of ALL, as IS the ARRL.  Net?  We STILL have BPL!  So 
what has the work, effort, and dues gotten us?  Z-E-R-O.

Bob - N0DGN

Bob Peters wrote:

> You Know what Scott and others it makes me ill to read E mails  like 
> this...The league is there for all of us
> and respects what we all have to say...They do not have resources 
> enough to do every thing we may want them to due
> to folks not coming to the table with financial support. I am and will 
> be a diamond club member to maybe offset some of
> you guys that have no better thing to do with your life then set back 
> and complain  !!!  If people that complain so much would use that  
> time to support the League wouldn't we have a great organization....If 
> BPL does come a reality due to your non support then I can at least 
> look at myself in the mirror and say I tried...I do not support some 
> items at the league and as a paid up member I have a right to tell 
> them that..You guys that don't pay do not have that right but at least 
> the league supports all of us paid or not !!!!  End of my 2 cents...
> 73's  Bob W1PE
> At 11:25 AM 3/6/05, Scott Johnson wrote:
>> I agree with Bry, the ARRL has ceased to represent my position, their 
>> publications cater to the LCD, they waste untold sums of money on 
>> worthless and ventures, and unlike taxes, I DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER.
>> 73, Scott

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