6m AM and 2m AM Activity

Mark Langenfeld mlangen at EXECPC.COM
Tue Oct 4 09:44:35 EDT 2005

I remember 2M AM fondly (and, yes, still have gear for it in the
basement).  But I think it's been handicapped by the lack of a uniform
calling freq (like 50.4 on 6M) or window. 2 is indisputably one of the
most heavily used bands. What with somewhat different band plans from
region to region, the proliferation of packet and repeaters and the
satellite allocation, it seems as though few have given such a thing
much thought.  If band planners could be persuaded to carve out a sliver
for AM somewhare between 144 and 145 mHz (I'm not holding my breath), I
think a lot of us could be convinced to fire up the old gear on a more
regular basis.

Mark - WA9ETW

> YOU (we) are the future of VHF AM.
> Stay with it.  There ARE many of us out here with 6m AM capability 
> who just need a NUDGE to get on the air more often!
> I think if more of us talked it up on the internet there would be a ton 
> more activity and maybe even start some new nets!

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