W4QCU Homebrew AM rig

Brian AF4K bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Sep 4 07:25:07 EDT 2005

VERY NICE - that large AM transmitter looks so CLEAN here 
60 years later! He used some VERY nice-looking transformers.
I love that look with the rounded corners and black wrinkle paint!

Bry, AF4K

On 4 Sep 2005 at 1:10, WB1GFH at aol.com wrote:

> Speaking of homebrew...what was once commonplace is now becoming a lost art. 
> To see evidence of this all one has to do is look at "Big Bertha", a xmtr 
> presently owned by W4QCU. Bertha runs 500 watts to push-pull 100THs modulated by a 
> pair of 805's, she stands 7 feet tall and weighs in at 600 pounds. The rig 
> was constructed by Casey Kasefang, W4HYG (now a SK) after WW-II. Nearly all of 
> the components date from the late 1930s.

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