Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Feb 19 19:12:41 EST 2006

On 19 Feb 2006 at 17:26, LM Picard wrote:

> The ARRL should address the issue of HF band plans in a realistic 
> fashion.  I suggest that they monitor actual usage of the HF bands and 
> re-apportion them according to need. 

But gosh that would take EFFORT and DILIGENCE, and to 
make matters even worse, it would not generate any
REVENUE. "Strike that idea" - ARRL.

> It appears to me that voice modes are the most popular and this includes 
> AM.  AM is never again going to be in widespread use and a small segment 
> set aside for its use will not harm anyone. 

No I think we need to reserve the right to use AM anywhere we want. 
> Technology has come a long way and digital modes can be accomplished 
> with less band occupancy than in the past.  

No - they want more and more and more wide signals.
Didn't you see the one proposal where they want some 
segments for 20 kHz WIDE DIGITAL PACKET SIGNALS on HF!!

> Fair and appropriate 
> re-allocation of the HF bands favoring voice modes is needed. 
What EVER they decide to do is going to disappoint a lot of people.
I seriously doubt that the FCC and ARRL leaders combined have
enough ideas or IQ to come up with a plan that makes any sense 
at all.  If they do it will be one of the first changes that is positive 
in the past 30+ years of regulatory tom-foolery.

> The rule that comms should be carried out with the least amount of 
> bandwidth required (for any given mode) should be more strictly enforced. 

By whom? FCC has two engineers to monitor the entire southeast 
United States for ALL services, including broadcast radio, TV, commercial, 
CB and amateur. At least that was all they had in around 1981 or so 
the last time that I checked. OK add the Regional EIC and you have 
three guys!

The JUST want amateur radio to GO AWAY. So they are slowly 
making it into something else. You can order a pizza on 2m FM now 
and it is legal. Unattended HF stations jam the regular radio amateur 
functions of hundreds of real stations every day. Let's just call it:

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