SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

van lincoln vlincoln at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jan 20 09:34:00 EST 2006

two things working against your statement are:

1.  80 hz filter.  most old receivers drift just a little <chuckle>, and a
80 hz passband cw tone is here one second and gone the next.  how do you work
this out?  you don't except open up the passband and hear all the noise
and hope that the cw signal drift is stable enough to stay in the larger
passband. (did I hear you say "buy a NEW receiver"?  not an option for many
old timers.)

2.  to me you are saying " only us modern folks should have rights ", and
you old timers
that like tube junk that drifts should get real ( read spend money for
state of the art )
and get rid of your antiques.

That's what comes across to me from your statements.  I'm not sure that's
what you
meant to infer.

van wd8aam
(62 yrs and an antique enjoyer, and more less-partisan times.)

At 08:18 AM 1/20/2006 -0600, Mike D. wrote:
>> Actually, I have never had a problem with copying CW through 
>> an SSB station.  In fact, if you use a good CW filter you 
>> probably won't even know that the SSB station is operating.  
>> It is primarily those operators who are copying CW using SSB 
>> filters (or wider) that are primarily having problems.  Those 
>> are the same people who complain about other CW operators 
>> that are over a KHz away in frequency.  
>It is my opinion this comment is completely false.
>73 de Mike, N9BOR
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