SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Bill Evans bevans at EBSYS.MB.CA
Fri Jan 20 15:02:11 EST 2006

Yes Mike - and my fellow Canadians are not required to utilize frequencies 
below 7100 KHz for SSB.  That is one of my personal gripes with my fellow 
Canadians.  The first 100 KHz of 40 M is very precious to everyone, 
particularly those in Regions 1 and 3.

You'll find me above 7153 KHz when on 40 M SSB.

Bill Evans

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>> Come on over to my house and I'll turn on my Collins 75S-3A
>> with the 200 Hz filter that came in it from the factory.  We
>> will then see about copying a CW signal through an SSB signal.
>> You cannot do this with the wider SSB filters that most
>> equipment use for CW receiving.  But, with a good, narrow,
>> filter you can most certainly copy a CW signal through an SSB signal.
>> Been doing it for decades.
>> Also, those people with a good cebreal filter can also copy
>> CW through SSB.
> I understand and use narrow passband filters with top notch receivers. It 
> is
> my opinion you are wrong and you are welcome to come to my shack to test
> your cebreal (sic) filter against mine. I'll be happy to demonstrate what
> happens when the Trans Provincial Net starts up on 40m.
> Alternately, consider posting your comments on the CW, FISTS or HI-SPEED 
> CW
> reflectors and see who, if any, shares your opinion.
> 73 de Mike, N9BOR
> di dah dit - The only Roger Beep you'll ever need.
> Let your fingers do the talking - Morse code.
> My designated driver is a 12BY7A.

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