CB to 10

Richard Arland, K7SZ richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 26 21:39:24 EDT 2006

Hi Doc:

If you don't have the articles I certainly do. Saved all that I could find 
on that off chance I would find a really good deal on several rigs and 
convert them.

The 40m chnl HyGain/Cybernet PLL-02A synth chip was the favorite. Replace 
one crystal and realign the synth, placing 29.6 mc on CB channel 30 and you 
are almost there. Take the audio voltage off of the AF chip thru a 5K pot to 
the synth test point and you have transmit FM. At that point you can leave 
everything alone and slope detect the audio but you don't have any squelch. 
If you want to guild the lilly, pull the Toyo AM narrow filter and put in 
one that has a much wider BW and get a lim/dim chip (don't remember the 
number but ECG still has the replacement chip available as of a couple of 
years ago) for your audio recovery and there you have it.

I did about a dozen of them in the late 70s early 80s. Started with a bare 
board, added S-Meter, RF gain, did all the cool mods, and put them in cases. 
Also converted a bunch of HyGain/Kraco, Sears, etc 23 and 40 chnl CBs too. 
Had a ball, gave most of them to friends. This all happened during my tour 
in England. Worked a bunch of European/Asian/African DX with about 5 W and a 
converted CB vertical. Great stuff, that!!

Lew Franklin from CB City International (check his website) has a whole 
bunch of info, books and how-tos on putting these rigs on 10 FM, AM, 6M, 

OK, soon as I take my meds I'll be better.

Psssssssst, Doc, wanna get rid of some of those old boards??

73 Rich K7SZ

>  I suspect that I have the conversion articles somewhere if there's any
> interest.  I guess they could be used for the 27MHz CB band, but who's
> interested in that now - if it's still being used at all?
> Doc, W4ITJ

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