HT-41 performance questions

George Maier George at MAIERGROUP.COM
Mon Sep 18 21:57:54 EDT 2006

B/A friends:

I'm planning to restore a non-working HT-41 (needs new plate xfmr) during
the course of the winter months, and I've been wondering how they perform.
Perhaps someone that owns one can answer the following:

What is the RF o/p at the rated plate current, on 75 & 20M?
How much drive is required to reach saturation at the low & high drive level
Aside from the xfmr and somewhat rare finals, are there any other weak
points or issues ?

I plan to restore the amp to original with a few minor additions, such as an
internal T/R relay, and solid state plug-in replacements for the 866's.  

Thanks & 73,
George - W1LSB

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