[FLBOATANCHORS] W1PE: League pulls RM-11306

Ron Lawrence KC4YOY kc4yoy at CAROLINA.RR.COM
Sun Apr 29 15:29:32 EDT 2007

John Dilks K2TQN wrote:
> The ARRL will be what ever we make it to be (the members of), not what 
> you say (rant).  If it wasn't for all the good work the ARRL has done 
> over the years, you would have nothing to say today - as we wouldn't be 
> here.

Thank you John.
League bashers have a short memory, or they haven't studied
any history.
If it were not for the ARRL, the government would have killed
ham radio many, many years ago.
The book "200 Meters and Down" should be required reading.

Ron kc4yoy

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