W1PE: League pulls RM-11306

Bry Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Apr 29 16:13:07 EDT 2007

> John,   Good for you.  I SECOND YOUR MOTION!!!!  It is easy to criticize 
> and not do anything to CHANGE things.   And I can't say I have done much 
> to support the ARRL, however, I haven't tried to "tear them down"... 
> that is like shooting one's own foot.  We may not like our foot, but we 
> need it. 

We need to differentiate between "tearing down the League" and 
opposing them on a particlar behavior or course of action that they 
are taking.

This argument that someone is "League bashing " because 
they point out the wrong behavior or a foolish decision, is 
just nonsense.

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