Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 24 12:43:33 EST 2007

You need a converter that works with an i.f. of 30.5
MHz to 34.5 MHz.  This i.f. was used by Hallicrafters
in the SX-101 Mark IIIA and SX-101A, by National in
the NC-300 and NC-303, and by a couple of other
manufacturers.  Heath used 22.0 MHz to 26.0 MHz in the

Any of the VHF converters that have an i.f. in the 10
meter band can be used by just changing the injection
crystal and just a "touch up" in the alignment.

The frequency of the crystal will be 19.500 MHz

Glen, K9STH

--- Chris <boatanchors at PEOPLEPC.COM> wrote:

I have a Hallicrafters SX-101A which is the 10-80M and
Converter for 6-2m...My question is I am wanting to
get a 6M converter to use with my 101A but not sure
which one to get that will work with my 101A...I have
seen the Ameco 6M & 2M converters for sale and so on
but not so sure if they will work with my 101A...Can
someone shed a little light on the subject as to which
converter to get that will work for me.

Glen, K9STH


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