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Bob W5EUQ w5euq at VERIZON.NET
Sun Jul 8 17:47:44 EDT 2007

Kenwood TS430S- working fine. 100 Watt transmitter. Great SSB & CW rig. 
$350 plus shipping.

Kenwood TS520- works fine, receiver is hot. Xmtrs 100Watts. Great SSB & 
CW rig. I have two of these, each for $250. 

Icom 735 and PS55 power supply.  Good SSB rig.  Planning to put on Ebay 
if I don't sell it here.  Many new hams want it. 100Watts.

Heathkit HW100 and PS 23B supply.  HW100 $150 and supply $50.  Package 
deal can be had. Working fine, 100Watts.

Icom 775DSP.  GREAT UNIT- 200 Watts out, dual receivers built into 
unit.  Combine it with Icom 756 and you've got a 7800..HI.... 
Great SSB and CW rig.

Want a Receiver, then I have a good oldie.  Knight R100A and it's in 
pretty good shape for an oldie.  Give me $95 and you've got it.  I've 
been asking $150. 

COLLINS GEAR-  I've got a bunch.  call me and we'll talk.  813-477-6786 
cell or home 813-968-4423.

Let's talk and deal.  I'm in the mood to sell.  Bob

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