Hickok 534B - Info Needed

Bruno KC2ESI bfgradio at ATT.NET
Fri Jul 13 23:38:07 EDT 2007

Hello All:

I am trying to restore a Hickok 534B tube tester and was successful in
repairing/replacing several problems. The last remaining problem is the
faulty analog meter movement (hair spring is deformed). I found a schematic
of a 534 on the Web and it shows the meter movement to be 50uA with 7500
ohms (4330 series with a 6.4k shunt across a 3.5k meter coil).

Can anyone confirm if the meter for the 534B is exactly the same as the
model 534?  I do not have a schematic for the 534B model so I am not certain
if I am headed in the correct direction.

Thanks for any help.


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