HW-16 XMTR Alignment glich

Dennis Klipa klipad at MINDNET.ORG
Sat Mar 3 22:31:47 EST 2007

The HW-16 I obtained is working reasonably well.  I have recapped it and
cleaned it up.  In the process of aligning the transmitter section I got
the to point where I am too adjust the neutralizing capacitor, As
instructed I shunted R16, disconnected the B+ to V9 at C203, and
disconnected the lead from R13 (power level control) at pin 2 of V9.  It
then says, with the unit powered up and on 21.0 band, to key up and adjust
the Tune control for maximum meter reading in the REL PWR setting.  When I
do that I get no meter reading at all.

Any ideas about what might be the problem?  From the schematic, I am not
surprised that there is no meter reading when the B+ is removed.  So I am
confused by this step in the procedure.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Dennis Klipa, N8ERF

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