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Thu Mar 29 19:35:45 EDT 2007

Hi Ed, et al,
    I may be grouchier than usual tonite, I've been fighting this dumputer
daily for 3 wks.  I'm not sure where this started.  But I've seen your post
twice in the last day or so, and am moved to ask  --
    This radio, and many others with 2-fuse plugs, are not particularly
scarce or pricey (yes Rangers are a bit pricey).  Why is there such an
aversion to putting a fuse holder in a new hole in the back chassis edge?
(you're not the only one.)  They're not rare, it's in a place not seen
normally, it's a safety consideration.  What if you sell the radio, or
someone inherits it, or gets it from your estate, and doesn't get your
external box, and if he/she didn't understand your rationale even if he/she
did get the box, why not just do the "normal" thing and put in a fuse?
    I agree 99%, don't put a new hole in the front panel, or the cabinet;
but the back of the chassis, which already may have a myriad of things
sticking out that may have strange unlabeled purposes - what's so sacred
    I'm not on the Johnson or amradio reflectors, tho' do have Johnsons & do
operate AM occasionally, so this'll only be seen on 2 Ba refl.'s & you (who
I respect), & John (who I have met and respect).
Al, W8UT, the apprentice grouch
New Bern, NC

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> I've struggled with what to do about my Rangers for years-finally
> concluding that an inline fuse box for the three-wire cord would
> offer the hot line fused protection while not altering the unit in
> much of any other way. Best idea I could come up with without 'makin
> no new holes' -but would not require going into the cabinet to change
> some internal fuse!!!
> Ed Tanton
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