Has IARU 2008 Killed Ham HF AM?

Perry Ballinger w8au at SSSNET.COM
Sun Nov 18 19:16:35 EST 2007

At 06:29 PM 11/18/2007, kd4e wrote:
>Someone wrote me privately to say that the IARU 2008
>bandplan is a done deal and that AM has been all-but
>eliminated as a usable HF mode.
>I am guessing that he is overstating the case but
>can someone clarify what is happening, or may be
>happening, to AM ops on HF, please?

Hi Doc:

Yes, I know many that have reacted without reading the actual plan
and understanding what ramifications it DOES NOT have.

It is basically a guide for those countries that have no bandplan by
regulation.  Here in the USA we DO have mode regulations and are not
affected by this.

While this is a simple factual statement, it bears watching in that we
don't want this IARU plan affecting the future judgement and actions of our
ARRL board members or FCC authorities.

At this point, many (if not all) ARRL region directors (and ARRL Pres, GM, etc)
are being hammered with negative emails and they are responding with assurances
that they plan no similar proposals to the FCC and if they ever do 
they will not
restrict AM operation in any manner.  In fact, their bandwidth proposal to FCC
last year (that was dropped) had no restriction to AM operation.

Some of the criticism is from those who have not studied the plan but are just
reacting.  This is not the best way to do it, of course.  Intelligent argument
backed by time spent in analyzing the plan is proving very productive.

I and many others who have taken the time to do this (and have copied emails
and responses to each other) are having a positive effect.  I recommend all
of us do this, as it provides a much better picture of the magnitude of concern
among us of the "silent minority."  (technical folks, home-brewers, AMers, etc)

There's no reason for panic... just stay informed, be alert, and keep your
ARRL Division director's email address handy.  Even if you aren't a member.

In unity there is strength.  (to borrow an old truth)  :-)

Perry  w8au

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