5881 Replacement for 6L6? - CORRECTION 6L6GB

Scott Johnson scottjohnson1 at COX.NET
Sun Nov 18 19:14:26 EST 2007

The 5881 is used in many mil rigs as a modulator, it has a low loss 
base, so it's probably batter at RF as well, certainly better that a 
GB.  Most are Tung-Sol and marked 5881/6L6WGB. 
Scott W7SVJ

kd4e wrote:
> The 5881 is said to be shorter and fatter but another
> AF-68 owner says they fit fine and work well.
> Will have to see about swapping some tubes for a pair
> of 5881's and perhaps also a pair of 6L6GC's and see
> which perform the best.
> Anyone interested in some tube swappin'?
>> I would definitely use the 5881 pair.  The RCA RC-19 tube manual
>> gives the 5881 a somewhat greater maximum rating in both plate volts
>> and watts but for "typical operation" and "average plate
>> characteristics" the reader is referred to 6L6GB.
>> I'm told that the 5881 is a milspec 6L6GB.
>> The 6L6GC is the next generation and has even higher maximum ratings.
>>  Think of the 5881 as a slightly beefed up 6L6GB and the 6L6GC as a
>> major step up.
>> 73, Rich KB8TAD

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