Shipping older radios & insurance claims

L.G. Robertson digital-conjurers at ROADRUNNER.COM
Sun Nov 25 17:38:42 EST 2007

Been shipping vintage radios for 16 years, and have the following for all:

1. Do no ship any vintage radio USPS. Period. Finis.

2. Do not ship any vintage radio over worth over $500 via FedEx; they have 
an "Exclusionary Rule" of $500 about anything of "Unusual Worth or Value", 
and they include vintage radios in that category.  I have seen a thread in 
here that suggests the limit is $100; my info is about 6 months old on 
this, so they may have gotten even stingier.

3. Use DHL when you can; there is no "Exclusionary Rule"; according to 
their paperwork and their reps, if they break it, and the packaging was not 
at fault, they pay for it, period.

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