One Man's Attempt To Save Morse Code

kd4e doc at KD4E.COM
Tue Oct 9 14:22:31 EDT 2007

Interesting but off the point of the impact of this
WSJ article - the article harms the hobby by painting
it as a reactionary CW-obsessed, CW-or-I-quit, CW=good
and the rest=bad old timers-only activity.

Most of my dearest friends in Amateur Radio are retired
and most of them are involved in far more than CW. None
of them is the least bit worried about running out of
people with whom they may QSO via CW.  The postulate is
simply silly - there is no evidence to support it and
it sets up a hobby conflict that does not exist.

If you have checked the cost of a Vet lately you'd far
rather pay an auto mechanic than a large animal Vet!
Again it is a silly argument as horses can be high
maintenance, are not allowed in most highly populated
areas, and thus are not a realistic option for most
people.  It sounds cute but misses the point - does he
want nanny government to mandate horses as well as CW?

I live next door to a small horse farm and grew up in
the country.  I remember when the local lumberjack gave
up using his horses in favor of a tractor, returned to
the horses for a time, then went back to the tractor
when he remembered why he changed in the first place.

CW is one of many modes available for *voluntary" choice
by Hams - there is no reason whatsoever for nanny
government to mandate it.  It is just that simple.

Now back to work on my AM boatanchor station!

> In case you missed this one:
> Responding to Forrest's 'SPARK'  message and the WSJ 
> front page article on morse code, RON, AC7AC writes:
> I agree. 
> As several folks have observed before, if being "obsolete" meant a
> technology would no longer be used no one would be riding horses these
> days,
> yet we have as many, if not more, horses in use in the USA today than we
> did
> a century ago! 
> (Keep in mind that we have a LOT more people too! But I suspect Morse
> will
> be affected the same way.)
> Taking the analogy further, there are situations where a horse is the
> most
> efficient and economical solution for getting around. Sure we have the
> technology to replace them with machines everywhere, but sometimes those
> machines are far more expensive considering the situation and need.
> Sometimes a horse just makes more sense, economically and practically.
> In
> communications, I suspect that will be true of Morse for many decades or
> centuries to come. 
> Ron AC7AC


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E

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