Need some smartness from U folks

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 10 18:08:12 EDT 2007

It is just one cycle.  The frequency is not being
displayed on the oscilloscope per se'.  The trace of
the oscilloscope can be varied to show the single
cycle and therefore it is a representation of the
physical item and is not referenced in any way to

Remember that the old "megacycles" was just an
abbreviation for the correct "megacycles per second".

Glen, K9STH

--- Edward B Richards <zuu6k at JUNO.COM> wrote:

Not me! One cycle is one cycle!

K7JEB" <k7jeb at COX.NET> writes:
This brings up a question that has puzzled me for
quite some time:  If one is looking at an oscilloscope
display of a sine wave and wants to talk about an
individual, complete movement of the trace in both the
 positive and negative directions, what does one call
Previously one would have called it an individual
*cycle* of the waveform.  However, nowadays with our
electrical units honoring dead Europeans so much, and
particularly one Heinrich Hertz, should one use the
honorifically correct term of *hertz-second* instead?

Glen, K9STH


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