Cushcraft 4 element ATB-34 10-15-20m beam for sale.

rick darwicki n6pe at YAHOO.COM
Tue Aug 12 23:10:01 EDT 2008

I am putting up a SteppIR and offer my ATB-34 which is almost idential to the Cushcraft A4S up for grabs. About 6 months ago I put all new SS clamps on the elements.
I took it down and disassembled it into about 8 foot pieces and in the process cleaned out and checked all the traps then covered them with Scotch 33 tape for UV protection. Includes a little free bird crap. I removed about 280 DXCC countries and all USA counties from the traps too, so you'll have to rework them. Not bad for 35' high, thank you Yorba Linda City Council.
This antenna has a 18 foot boom, 32'-8" longest element, 18'-9" turning radius and 5.4 SF wind load. 90 MPH wind survival. Every powerful contest station needs one.
Rated at 7.5 dBd and 2000 watts PEP.
These antennas have an optimum spaced 10 m reflector and just a 15 m trap in the main reflector. Three active elements on each band. The original antenna came with a ferrite balun that I replaced with a coax choke like the A4S uses.
Pick up only in Yorba Linda. $300 OBO, if you just have to have it $300 ++ will not be OK hi hi
 Rick Darwicki -= N6PE =-

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