reponse to post heathkit be-5 schematic

Al Parker anchor at EC.RR.COM
Mon Dec 15 16:33:03 EST 2008

Leon, et al,
    Think about the Heathkit manuals that BAMA has  ---   then think about
the work required to extract the schematic pages from each and every one of
    It's not a trivial task to just "leave the schematics there".  "They" at
BAMA is basically Ken Grimm, K4XL.  He's a heck of a nice guy, he's retired
and has a lot of other things to do besides picking things out like that.
He has done a lot of work cleaning up manuals that have been uploaded, and
converting some from the old un-handy djvu format to .pdf's.  I'm sure that
he'd be glad to have someone volunteer to do the work that's suggested here.
    All in all, I've heard about enuf on this subject.  So far it's been
only on this reflector that I'm subscribed to, but has reared it's head on
one other.
Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC

"there is nothing -absolutely nothing- half as much worth doing as simply
messing about in boats."
   Ratty, to Mole

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From: "LEON WENDLER" <electronicparts2002 at YAHOO.COM>
Subject: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] reponse to post heathkit be-5 schematic

> in reponse to post about heathkit be-5 schematic
> the president of data pro told me he wants to back up the heathkit & ham
> commuity, he offered to let bama leave schematics there but i see none so
> i guess they don't want to be bothered ?

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