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Several months ago my wife bought an "atomic clock" at WalMart for around $20.  It has remote temperature and inside temperature features.  This clock can DEFINITELY be set to UTC.  In fact, it can be set to any time zone.  The manual can be seen (and downloaded if desired) from


The clock was sold by Lacrosse Technology (located in Wisconsin) and is their model 6118it.  How to set the time zone is on page 3 of the manual and there is also provision for areas that do not go on DST.

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--- On Mon, 7/21/08, Larry McDavid <lmcdavid at LMCENG.COM> wrote:

Actually, your clock syncs to WWVB on 60 KHz, usually once per day in the early morning hours.

VERY few of these clocks can be set GMT or zero time zone offset. MFJ offers one they say can be set to zero offset but that particular clock cannot be set to turn off DST correction, so the clock will not show GMT throughout a year.
The only "atomic" clock I have found that can successfully be set to GMT is a LaCrosse Technology Model WS-8016U. I have purchased several of these and they all correctly display GMT throughout the year.
There may be other clock models that will display GMT. If so, I would like to know of them as well.
These clocks were made for the United States and its four time zones. I believe such clocks made for Europe have more flexibility but the receiver in those is not tuned to 60 KHz for WWVB. I'd be very surprised if there is a means to modify the clock you mention to display time without a US time zone offset.


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