Dow-Key DKC-TR-2A 2 meter TR switch for sale

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sat Feb 21 18:22:53 EST 2009

Hello again, everyone !

Here's the next item up for sale.

It's something I've only seen once -- a 2 meter Dow-Key TR switch.

It's designed to operate with 50 to 75 ohm coax across the 2 meter amateur

According to the one-page instruction sheet, it provides "slight gain."

The unit is new.  It comes in its original little box.  The cardboard of the
bottom half of the box has failed where the sides meet the bottom of the

The single tube in it is a 6CB6.  I have no idea if that is the correct
tube, since the one-sheet instructions do not specify a tube for 6 volt
operations.  The instructions do specify changing the tube to a 12EH5 if you
want to operate it on 12 volts.  90 to 120 VDC at 15 to 25 mA is required
for the B+ supply.

I'll be happy to email photos to anyone who may be interested in this little
piece of history.

Price? $15 plus shipping from 87114.  When carefully packed, it will weigh
under one pound.

Thanks for any possible interest!


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