Bob Peters rwpeters at SWBELL.NET
Sun Jun 14 09:38:24 EDT 2009

Hi All. Well HAMCOM DALLAS is in the record books
as being another successful HAMFEST. We are lucky
in Dallas to have a bunch of guys that have been
doing this for over 20 years and doing a great
job. All I can say was it was HOT HOT HOT outside
in the flea market. Opened at 0700 with lots of
folks there and stayed busy until noon both Friday
and Saturday. The inside flea market was not very
exciting same carpet bagger dealers that charge to
much. The Commercial space was great with all the
new technology showing up.

The outside was a lot of BA gear at great
prices.75A2 at $200.. 51S1 at $500 and lots of
giveaway stuff,,,.Ask someone how much and they
would say NO CHARGE take it. Like a final tank
coil for=r an HT-9. Saw a lot of HALLI stuff go
cheap. Heath gear at give away prices.. 

I really think that the heat was getting at a lot
of guys. The AM Forum was great with over 30
people there. It was a little late in the day.
Next year we are hoping for a two hour block. Jim
Stitsinger wants to bring the Collins Marketing
Van for display so hopefully we can pull that off
and have the AM Forum mixed with Collins stuff as

Need to Thank Tom NE7X for the great Power Point
Presentation and Dale from AMI for sending the AMI
BANNER for the Hamfest.I will be putting a lot of
pictures up on my website today and tomorrow from
the AM Forum and from the Hamfest as a whole.



Very Best 73's,

Bob W1PE





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