Identifying Newer Caps

David C. Hallam dhallam at RAPIDSYS.COM
Thu Nov 26 08:13:07 EST 2009

Don't know If I can help, but often J was used to indicate a decimal 
point.  So, 50J might be a 50 pF.


David Hollander wrote:
> I have a box of new doorknob caps with newer (cryptic to me) markings.
> The working voltage is clearly marked but the capacitance is not.
> One reads 282M
> Another 5J
> Another reads 50J
> Another reads 30J
> A bunch of them have the capacitance but not the working voltage.
> Need a plate coupling cap for my 4-1000 amp I built in the early 90's 
> The coupling cap in their got fried years ago and is not readable as to 
> value. What is the suggested value/voltage for the coupling cap? Will be 
>  running around 5KV plate voltage. Want to get this back on for this 
> weekend's DX contest.
> Tnx and 73,
> Dave N7RK


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