12 to 24 volt conversion, the issue of cost

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Thu Oct 8 12:38:42 EDT 2009

There is quite a difference between 150 W  and 750 W class inverters. The
former are pretty straight forward and can use cheap parts like 2N3055s,
perhaps paralleled. The 750 W units will draw 70+ Amps @ 12 VDC and are a
lot harder. Also, they will flatten a typical car battery in under an

As to magnetics, for silicon steel common in transformers, the rule of
thumb is 400 W/lb at 60 Hz. so a half pound core will do. More at higher
frequencies. It'd be easier to find an EI core in this size, rather than a

For running mil radios, I doubt any regulation would be needed.



> Designing a DC-DC converter to deliver 10-30 amps at 24V is not an
> exercise
> for non engineers.  Hefty transistors and cores are needed, as well as
> sophisticated regulator circuits.  Sure, you can copy something, but even
> that requires some pretty good test equipment and, of course, buying the
> components that are modern enough to work well, like good FETs.  I have a
> little training and a lot of experience, some of which involved big
> transistors turning red hot, and I wouldn't try doing all the magnetics
> necessary to do this thing right! [snip]

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