[Boatanchors] Funny Craig's list Ad for Oscilloscope

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Tue Jul 13 10:06:31 EDT 2010

The Eico 460 was actually a pretty good scope. It was well after WWII or
Korea, more like late 50s / early 60s.

I built one from a kit in about 1960 to replace my earlier Eico 425 which
was a POS. It was my pride and joy.

Remember, this was an affordable 'scope in the days when Tek scopes were
still only a dream for all but millionairs.

It was something like 5 to 10 MHz, DC coupled as I remember.




> I guess it would take to long to look this up with google and find out
> what it is.
> http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/atq/1837116224.html

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