AN/GRC-9 Receiver

Chuck j-mcclurg at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Thu Jun 3 21:17:58 EDT 2010

Well I seem to have started something :) I am looking for the schematics for a "up-grade" to the GRC-9 receiver.  This was done by Craig at back in at least 2006.  He made up a set of plug in FET tube replacements for all the tubes in the receiver.  Well that site is no longer supporting this and a e-mail to Craig got no response.  

I am wondering if anyone has saved the schematics for the units and could send/post a set to me??  It would be nice to be able to run the receiver and not worry about "using up the tubes" as some of them are getting pricy.....................

I tried the waybackmachine but it only has the opening page of the old web site and not the schematics.

Hopefully some one did this mod and saved the directions........................



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