BA Front Panel touchup

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Sat Sep 11 09:45:13 EDT 2010

Al -

Good luck.  BUT, don't forget the 'painter's curse', which is that if 
there is ONE TINY spot that YOU have 'fixed' on an 8' x 20' wall, it 
will ALWAYS be FIRST thing you see every time you walk into that room!  :-)

73, Garey - K4OAH
Glen Allen, VA

Drake 2-B, 4-B, C-Line&  TR-4/C Service Supplement CDs

Chris Kepus wrote:
> If you are OK with the color match and it is only the surface irregulaties
> and gloss and that is catching your eye, then here are three options that I
> would try, in order:
> Chris

> Subject: BA Front Panel touchup
> I have an HQ-170A that I'm trying to refurbish. It doesn't have to look
> perfect, but I want it to look good enough for me to be proud of it.
> After that dried, I polished that area and waxed it, but it is still
> very noticeable and catches my eye because it's not real smooth or even.
> Thanks,
> Al, WA2AS

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