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Robert Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sat Sep 11 13:19:06 EDT 2010

Doing a bit of purging of the ranks and I have a few books - radio and 
electronics related to sell and I thought some of you might be interested.  I've 
put them into groups just to simply things.  Price noted for each group and 
prices do include shipping (USPS Media Mail). Condition good to very good unless 
otherwise noted. Pictures on the web at:


Prefer PayPal but a personal check (my handbook address is good) will be fine.

Group A - Vintage Radios and SWL(2)   $21
A1.  "Vintage Radio - A Pictorial History", Morgan McMahon, Vintage Radio, 3rd 
Edition, 1981, 

        Softcover (SC), 264 pages, 5-1/4 x 8-1/4
A2.  "Shortwave Listener's Handbook - 3rd Edition", Bennet, Helms and Hardy, Tab 
Books, 1986
         SC, 294 pages, 5-1/4 x 8-1/4

Group B - Engineering design books (4)    $11
B1.   "Optoelectronics Applications Manual", TI Staff, 1977
         Hardcover (HC), 9 x 11-1/4"
         A lot of still pertinent information on optoelectronics, optics, etc.
B2.   "Linear Applications Handbook - A Guide to Linear Circuit Design", Linear 
         SC, 7x9-1/2", full of application notes and guides for using linear 
circuits (op amps, etc)
B3.   "Op Amp Applications", Analog Devices
         Telephone book sized - chuck full of info on applying op amps
B4:    "Op Amp Applications - Seminar Notes" - support material from seminar

Group C - College Level Engineering Text books (1950s to 1970s) 
(5 books all hardcover)     $20
C1: "Fundamentals of Circuit Theory", Norman Balabanian
        Allyn and Bacon, 1961, 555 pages
C2.  "Analysis of Linear Systems", David K. Cheng
          Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1961, 431 pages
C3.  "Microwave Theory and Techniques", Reich, Ordung, Krauss, Skalnik
        Van Nostrand Publishing, 1953, 902 pages
        A classic in microwave work - practical and theoretical, waveguide, etc
C4:  "Thermodynamics", Gordon Van Wylen
        John Wiley & Sons, 1963, 601 pages
C5:  "Electrical Engineering Fundamentals", J. P. Neal
         McGraw Hill, 1960, 402 Pages

Whew.  That is it.  If you are interested, please contact me off list.  Thanks.


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