IF Transformers and Available Plus a Question

William Morton w_b_morton at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 12 00:32:01 EDT 2010

Hello All,
I recently purchased some items from a gentleman via our local Craigslist.  He is working on cleaning out parts from his father's television/radio business.  Included in my purchase was a small box of IF transformers.  As far as I can tell they are all NOS.  The boxes are dusty and the flaps on one or two are a bit loose but the parts inside are still wrapped in tissue paper.
I will just list them out for convenience:
Workman Electric (all in a clear plastic tube with plastic cap,)
Model T607 455 KHz Universal IF Transformer, (have 2)
Model T646 455 KHz Universal Printed Circuit IF transformer
Setchell Carlson (in yellow/black boxes)
TL-104 RD Coil, TP2
TL-109 4.5 Sound I.F., 'C' Units
TL-104 4.5 Ratio, DET Trans TP2
J.W. Miller (in orange/light orange boxes)
12-C6 455 KHz Trans W/Diode Filter
13-PH1 262 KC LF Input P.C. Trans
13-PH2 262 kHz Output LF
13-PH6 Printed Circuit 262 KC Output I.F. W/Diode Filter
13-PC6 455 KC I.F. Trans Diode (have 2)
These are all available for the cost of shipping and a donation to your local food shelf or favorite charity.  I do not know if these are used only in radio or only in television or can be used in either.  Hopefully someone can use them somewhere.  Assuming they are useful, I would prefer to ship them all to one person as I want to avoid any issues in mixing up who may have asked for what.
Other than wondering if anyone is interested in the above, I have another question:  Does anyone have leads or clues to Setchell Carlson schematics?  My main reason for the purchase was to get 2 NOS power supplies for Setchell Carlson televisions.  The model number is G-14 and is a drop in replacement for other power supplies.  The power supply chassis has the power transformer, choke transformer, an octal socket for a 5U4GB rectifier tube, and the typical array of power supply capacitors.  I am looking for a schematic for the G-14 unit itself and for the respective unit that would use this power supply.  Having the schematics would give me an idea of what plate voltage and currents the power supply could handle.  My utimate use for this hardware is planned to be a pair of audio amplifier monoblocks.
Thank you all in advance for any comments you may have. 
Best Regards,
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