Shipping Boatanchor disasters and cautions (was xfrmrs free to a good home)

Mike Langner mlangner at SWCP.COM
Sun Sep 26 12:32:47 EDT 2010

Hello Jim (and the list) !

Your observations about loss and damage in shipping are extremely well

I shipped an R-390 -- protected by wood encased inside a cardboard box.

UPS ran a fork lift through the cardboard, through the wood, and into the
front panel. They said it was insufficient packing.

I shipped an RCA-AR-88 -- completely crated, with the crate assembled with
screws, not nails.

It was sent with the UPS "Pack & Ship" promise.  Note that the crating was
at my initiative, and nearly $100 extra cost.

The AR-88 crate was found in the UPS trans-shipping warehouse in St. Louis
with the screws backed out, and the radio gone.

UPS said it was due to faulty screws.

The radio showed up on eBay a week later.  The vendor said he was not at
liberty to tell me where he got the radio.

The local UPS store (family owned) that crated and shipped the radio went to
bat for me, and UPS paid the insurance claim.

It is my opinion that without the local store owner fighting for me, I would
have lost everything.

I've been for years an ardent user of FedEx rather than UPS. These two
radios were exceptions due to their size and weight.

FedEx has never damaged or lost a shipment for me -- well over 200 shipment
safely delivered.

One vendor I purchased a transceiver from shipped it in an old-fashioned
hard-side suitcase -- he gets 'em for about $2 at a local Goodwill store.
He says he's never had a problem -- again probably because they don't
"stack" well, not being cubes.

Yep, shipping has sure become a gamble !!

Thanks for the links -- I think we'll all benefit from the experiences they


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