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Boatanchor related items For Sale
Microphones and Mic Stands, DSP Filter, Digital interfaces,
Code Oscillator and Key, Coax Switch, Low Pass TVI Filters,
SWR Bridges, etc.

TenTec 215 P, High Impedance Desk Microphone:

The 215 P is a ceramic type mic for hand held or desk top
operation. It offers optimum articulation, free of power
peaks, impervious to temperature and humidity changes. It
includes cable, PTT switch, and separate desk stand, with
1/4 inch stereo plug.

Element: Ceramic
Impedance: High
Response: 200-4000 Hz
Level: -50 dB
PTT Switch: SPDT
Cable: 4', one conductor shielded, two conductors unshielded
Case: Die-cast Zinc and Cycolac®
Base: Die-cast Zinc
Color: Gray front, black back, gray stand
Height: 8.5" in base

This particular mic works fine. This one also looks extremely
nice. Most of these have the paint scraped off or deteriorated.
This one does not. It is in extremely nice condition.

With paper work for $75.

Kenwood MC-80 Desk Microphone:

The Kenwood MC-80 is an omnidirectional electret condenser
"gooseneck" desk mic. It has UP-DOWN tuning plus a built-in
pre-amp. There is a switch for PTT and also a lock feature.
The mic impedance is 700 ohms so it can be used with a wide
range of models, and it has a frequency response of 200 Hz
to 7 KHz. There is a potentiometer adjustment on the back
of the mic stand to adjust the output level. The mic
terminates to a standard 8 pin Kenwood mic plug. It requires
voltage from the Kenwood transceiver to operate.

This one works fine, sounds good, has a new wind screen,
and is in its original box. With paper work for $75.

Heil GM-5 "Goldline" Professional Microphone:

The "Gold Standard" Studio Microphone for Amateur Radio

The GM Series of microphones is a unique, innovative
microphone renowned for its gorgeous audio production. It's
crystal clear response made it an instant best-seller, and
it is the microphone of choice in thousands of Ham shacks
around the world today.

The GM includes the Heil-exclusive "Light Touch" PTT switch,
and is encased in a beautifully-finished high-gloss black
lacquer enclosure. The GM is fitted with a 4-pin XLR connector
compatible with the Heil CC-1 Series of adapter cables.

This GM-5 version is equipped with the new full-range mic
element and the famous HC-5 element.

This one works fine and looks like new. No defects of any
sort. These are $160 from Heil Sound. Get this one for
only $95.

Cables for Heil (and other) Microphones:

Heil CC-1 XLR 4
3 pin XLR Male to 4 pin XLR Female $25

3 pin XLR to stripped and tinned ends
About 10 feet of quality rubber covered mic cable with a 3 pin
XLR connector on one end, and nothing on the other end. Ideal
to add your own connector. Can be used with the CC-1 XLR-4
above. $20

Heil round 8 pin connector to 8 pin modular connector for Icom
Not positive of the number, but it might be HSTA-IM or HSTA-706

Microphone Stands:

Regular round desk stand
Round 6 inch diameter heavy black base, with a 3 inch chrome
tube coming up from the middle. Standard 5/8 inch threaded. $15

Rectangular desk stand
Approx 4 by 5 inch heavy black base, with a 2.5 inch chrome
tube from the center. Standard 5/8 inch threaded. $15

Gooseneck Extension
Male connection on one end and female on the other, so it can
be used as an extension. Standard 5/8 inch threaded. 7 inches
long. $10

Solid 12 inch
Male connection on both ends. Solid chrome plated threaded tubing,
with a small hole so that a mic cable can be brought out of the
center of the tube. Standard 5/8 inch threads. 12 inches long. $10

Triangle Flange
This is a trangle shaped flange that will mount to a desk, board,
or other flat object. It is about 2 1/2 by 2 inches, chrome plated,
with mounting hardware. Standard 5/8 inch threads. $8

Timewave DSP-599zx DSP Processor / Audio Filter :

Calling it an audio filter does not tell the whole story.
It is really much more. It represents the latest generation
of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) audio filtering, incorporating
the newest high speed CPU. The LCD display, push buttons and
Visible Memory let you see the exact settings of the filters.
The DSP-599zx works in all modes. It is a dream for the non-voice
modes, as well as voice and CW modes. Data filters supported
in the filter are RTTY, Amtor, PACTOR, G-TOR, HF Packet, SSTV,
WeFax, SITOR and Clover. It needs 13 V DC at 1 amp.

This particular unit works fine and looks very nice. A wall
wort power supply and paper work are included for $300 plus
shipping from Florida.

Waters "Universal Hybrid Coupler II" Model 3002:

Most of us would likely call this a phone patch, but it
is really much more than that. It does that, but also
will interface with a tape recorder, and permit recording
and play back of on-the-air QSOs. Nothing says that the
tape recorder input must be used that way. Connect the
sound card in your computer in this position, and you
have a very effective interface.

Model 3002 includes a speech compressor powered by a 9
volt battery. The front panel is finished on both
sides, with one side having it set in a horizontal
position, and the other in a vertical position.

This was a "top of the line" unit years ago. One only
found them with top stations such as Collins.

This particular unit is in really great condition.

With paper work for $100.

Heath HD-15 digital interface / phone patch

This is the unit with the VU meter on the left and 3 knobs
that match the SB series to the middle and right. Low or
high Z output to the transmitter. It can also be used as
an interface for PSK31, and other digital modes that use
a sound card. The meter makes it great for setting levels.

One is in excellent condition. Cosmetically, I can not
find a scratch on it. Everything on it is original.
Paper work included for $25.

I have another available, but it shows some minor wear.
With paper work for $22.

Code Practice Oscillator:

MFJ 557 code practice oscillator with key

This is a traditional code practice oscillator, with adjustable
volume and tone. It includes a straight key on a nice base. It
operates from a 9 volt battery or from a wall wort (not included).

This one works fine and looks fine also.

With paper work for $25.

CW Key:

Nye Viking Speedex 310-001 "Oval Base" Key
Nice action, with nickel hardware. This originally had a black
base, but someone painted the base to look like it is brass.
Nye sells these for $58. This one is only $35.

Cables for CW keys and keyers:

Cable for straight key
About 3 feet long, with a mono 1/4 inch phone plug on it,
as is used with a straight key. $5
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug. $5

Cable for paddles
About 3 feet long, and with a 1/4 inch stereo connector
on the end, like used by most rigs. $8
As above, but 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plug $8

MFJ 1701 Coaxial Antenna Six Position Switch:

The MFJ 1701 is a six position antenna switch. You can
select 1 of 6 antennas. Unused terminals are grounded.

It is in a rectangular box, and has seven SO-239 connectors
out the back. It is rated for 2000 W PEP, 1000 W CW,
50 - 75 Ohm loads.

This one works 100% and looks very nice.

With paper work for $40.

Low Pass TVI Filters:

A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter to reduce
harmonic interference. All have SO-239 connectors, and include
paper work.

Drake TV-3300-LP
This is a modern low pass filter has been optimized to have
more attenuation in the 40 MHz region, where many TVs have
their IF. It is good for 1000 Watts "average" according to
the manual, and has over 80 db attenuation at 41 MHz.
This one looks great. $30

B & W FL-10/1500
This filter cuts off just above 10 meters, and handles 1500
Watts. It is the latest model B&W filter.
In very nice condition, it looks very close to new. $40.

Dual Meter SWR Bridges:

Both of these feature two separate meters -- one for reading
forward power and another for reading SWR. This permits one
to easily monitor both the power going out, and the SWR on
the antenna. They were made in Japan, and labeled with various
names, including Swan, Siltronix, and Quement. Both have SO-239
connectors on each end, and work fine.

Both will work on HF, and VHF, covering 3 to 150 MHz, so are
ideal for the new rigs that include 6 and 2 meters.

Quement SWB-2
This meter works fine and looks great.
With paper work for $40.

Siltronix SWR-2
This meter functions fine, but the meter lens of the meter that
reads SWR has a crack on the very right edge of it. It is on
the edge, and not in the part where one actually reads the
meter. It is strictly cosmetic. $25

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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