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MessageI've never done any Collins knobs, but on other makes a light coat of floor wax or neutral foot polish has brought back their luster.

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  I am in the process of restoring my Collins 75A-2 and after cleaning the knobs they have come out matted. I remember the knobs as being shiny.  My R-388 has very shiny knobs and I'm wondering how to get them back to that state.  The finish on the R-388 is not polish, they look like they have shiny varnish on them.  I don't really remember what the 75A-2 looked like but I only washed them with dishwashing liquid.  They were dirty so and dusty when I cleaned them.  Do I need to repaint them with a light coat of varnish.  The 75A-2 was built in 1950 time frame and the R-388 was built in 1962. Is it possible they are made of different material.  Thanks Ben KJ4CC


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