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Chris Kepus ckepus at comcast.net
Wed Jul 27 18:58:05 EDT 2011

>From WA1KBQ and Roy Morgan and W7JPG - 2009 thread on Hallicrafters round
knurled nuts

I'm surprised Carl hasn't already set us straight on this one but nothing
heard yet so...

Don't order the GC knurled nut tools!! There is no  standard for splines per
inch on decorative knurled panel mounted control nuts  and the spline count
varies quite a bit among different nut manufacturers. If  the spline spacing
on the nut does not match the splines in the collet type tool  the tool will
slip and ruin the appearance of the nut.

Camera tool makers make a  nut gripper to grip round nuts which works
perfectly for our knurled nuts. The  example below shows flat tools.
Sometimes tools with an angled head are  necessary and they are available
out there. I have some made of aluminum which  work well.

(http://www.micro-tools.com/store/SearchByCategory.aspx) ?
Click on Camera Repair Tools, then on Flexi Clamps

Regards, Greg  

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On Apr 4, 2009, at 11:46 PM, Chris Kepus  wrote:

> Before you buy from GC and pay $30+, check out this  site,
>  odID=18024
> Same wrench, $23+ Qty 1

Do note that there were/are at  least two pitches on knurled nuts.  The
wrench you get today is  likely to fit some but not all of the nuts.

As to the right tool for  loosening the hex nut used behind the panel, the
right wrenches are  very thin, and just slightly offset on each end.  As far
as I  know, they are simply not obtainable today. If anyone knows of a
source, please let me know.


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