[Boatanchors] I was Raised on Cowboy shows

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Hi John and others... Great stuff... Also for great old C&W check out this
site and listen... http://www.kwhw.com/
They are in a small town Oklahoma station running a GATES BC1G with a
Collins 20V3 as a back up... Very good old time 
Processing... the chief says that he has tried 3 Solid State transmitters
and hates there sound...There internet stream is full band width

Bob W1PE

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I was Raised on Cowboy shows, first on the radio and later on, on our 
7" Motorola TV.  The Cowboy shows always had singing Cowboys and I 
can remember singing along.  It was a happy time in my life.

A few years ago I happened on a web site that played the vintage 
Cowboy songs, it was called Range Radio.  Evidently music regulations 
stopped them from broadcasting after about a year.  And for the next 
couple of years, the web page existed, but no music.

Today I checked the link again and found it is now associated with 
KSMA-AM in Lompoc, California.  "Range Radio" is alive again, playing 
the classics and newer Cowboy (western) music.

So if you too like Cowboy music, listen in:


73, John Dilks, K2TQN 

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