[Boatanchors] WANTED: 160-10M TX RF Section

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Johnson Viking II, Johnson Invader, Heath Apache, Heath DX-100,
Hallicrafters HT-32B, HT-37, B&W 5100, Collins 32S-__, all good.  IIRC these
all use a pair of 6146's [although I think Viking 1's used a single 4D32].
The Viking II gets my vote because it's continuous-coverage pi-net is
WARC-capable out of the box.   Actually, I think I've pretty much covered
the field with that list...the Apache and DX-100 of course what you get
varies over a wide range depending on the skill of the builder.  Oh yeah,
the SB-401 had a pair of 6146's too, didn't it?

In the single-6146 class, for my money there are two transmitters--[1] The
Eico 720, and [2] everything else.

Moving out of the 6146 paradigm, the only sweep-tube final I ever even
remotely liked was the Drake T4X__'s, and I thought about converting it to
6146's because the sweep tubes fall off at 10M, let alone 6...YMMV.

The 4-line, the SB-401 [I think] and the Collins 32S-__ use separate,
compact power supplies.  AFAIK everything else here is heavy iron.

As far as a stand-alone RF deck with a pair of 6146's, not part of a larger
transmitter, I don't know that I've ever heard of such a thing.  I think
either B&W or Millen [or maybe both] made a standalone rf deck with either a
single 6146, or a single 807, or maybe one of them had a single 2E26...but
that's *really* reaching down into the dim recesses of long-forgotten

Good luck, and keep us posted, ok?

73, Brian KA9EGW

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Too many projects here, I will never get around to building the 160-10m RF
output section I need.

I am looking for a RF section that uses a pair of 6146's or a common TX tube

Prefer 100w output, 50-75 is OK.  If the tubes are not 6146's they must be
good through 6m (should I later wish to attempt a mod).

It also needs to include a no-solid-state-components power supply,
preferably external, but integrated also OK.

Compact, both the RF deck and the PS, is good.

A damaged transmitter with an intact RF output section is an option.

I would strongly prefer to work a trade rather than cash.

Recommendations as to what RF decks I should look for are also welcomed.


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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