[Boatanchors] WANTED: 160-10M TX RF Section - HW-100/101

doc at kd4e.com doc at kd4e.com
Tue Mar 15 23:46:08 EDT 2011

The "winner" appears to be a needs-work HW-101.

It should be the most affordable, since the original was
inexpensive and they sold a ton of them.

I will have to modified it for 160m.

And there just happens to be a new local Tailgate here in the
Savannah area April 9th.

If I don't find one there I will be back here looking ...

Thanks everyone!

> I made an amp for my central electronics 20A from an old heathkit
> hw101 chassis that someone was parting out. I got the stripped out
> chassis with the final section still there. I cut the chassis down to
> fit into an SB600 speaker cabinet and mounted a power transformer in
> front of the final cage. Used shaft extensions' to get the tune
> controls up to the front panel.
> 73 Gary  K4FMX
>> Too many projects here, I will never get around to building the
>> 160-10m RF output section I need.
>> I am looking for a RF section that uses a pair of 6146's or a
>> common TX tube equivalent.
>> Prefer 100w output, 50-75 is OK.  If the tubes are not 6146's they
>> must be good through 6m (should I later wish to attempt a mod).
>> It also needs to include a no-solid-state-components power supply,
>> preferably external, but integrated also OK.
>> Compact, both the RF deck and the PS, is good.
>> A damaged transmitter with an intact RF output section is an
>> option.
>> I would strongly prefer to work a trade rather than cash.
>> Recommendations as to what RF decks I should look for are also
>> welcomed.


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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