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Mon Aug 13 01:20:33 EDT 2012

At 09:43 PM 8/12/2012, Bill Fuqua wrote:
>   Hallicrafters and Hamarlund receivers us X to indicate the 
> receiver has a crystal filter.
>The SX140 is the only one that breaks this rule as far as I know.

The SX140 does have an xtal, but not as a filter.  It's a band 
calibrator.  But the
receiver is as bad as an S-38B and later series with the regenerative IF/BFO.
Really cheap!  And a cheap trick to add the "X" to the 
name.  Cosmetically it matches
the companion xmtr nicely, but as the HT-40 is  very adequate as a 
simple transmitter
with carrier control AM, the receiver is inadequate.


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