[Boatanchors] Swan SW- 120 (gold), National NC-190 & Gonset Communicator ...

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If you need a DJVU program, do a "google" on WinDJVU.  That will lead you to free viewer that works VERY well!  Just download and install on your computer.

The Swan single band transceivers are actually there.  However, it is not obvious!  Go to

Those are individual pages in GIF format.  As such, you have to download each page rather than all of them in one file.

Glen, K9STH Website:  http://k9sth.com

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Thanks Glen -
Got the Gonset!...  no swan SW-120  and the Nationals  
not  pdf.
but grabbed a pdf of the galaxy 5  to keep on the server here  in 
case I want to prit a copy to mark up wen I work on it.   The Galaxy 
has no power supply so I need one if I ever  want to try it.
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For  "boat anchor" equipment, the first place to look for manuals in on  BAMA:
>Glen,  K9STH Website: http://k9sth.com

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