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BUT, remember, UPS ALWAYS denies the claim the first time you file. They accepted it so they approved it. When you appeal they will pay. But I stopped using them.

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Hello everyone !

This is wonderful advice.

Still, it's not bulletproof.

UPS drove a fork lift tine through the carton, padding, through the plywood,
and into an R-390 that I shipped some years ago.

And they declined the claim saying it wasn't packed well enough.

I honestly don't know any absolutely safe way to ship any more.

When I shipped an RCA AR-88 a year later, I had it crated by the UPS store
and purchased their "pack and ship guarantee."

The crate was found in a UPS trans-ship warehouse in St. Louis with all the
screws removed from one side and the AR-88 missing. Perhaps the red
stickers that UPS had affixed to it saying "High Value Item -- Handle With
Care" was just an invitation to theft.

I found the radio on eBay two weeks later, and identified it by the cabinet
scratches in the photo. Posing as a buyer, I asked the vendor where it had
come from me. The vendor explained that he had a confidentiality agreement
with his supplier. I bet that's true!

UPS denied the claim, stating it wasn't packed well enough.

The local UPS store went to bat for me, and after a month and a half, UPS
paid the claim. Three months later the UPS store franchise operator sold
the store and went out of the business.

I must say, however, I have yet to have any loss with FedEx!

Try real hard to find someone headed the direction you need to ship any
really valuable or irreplaceable item. Ask them to take it with in their
car with them.

Otherwise it might get there. Or it might not! Just one guy's experience!

Good luck and 73!


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My suggestion for you.

This applies to amps and other large and heavy boatanchors ...

Pull the tubes then stuff the amp with newspaper or bubble wrap (never
syrofoam or shipping peanuts) - being careful not to harm anything - the
purpose is to soak-up vibrations.

Wrap the amp in a heavy duty black garbage bag - a couple of layers - to
prevent scuffing.

Cut a piece of 1/2" plywood cut to extend beyond the perimeter of the
cabinet at least 2" on all four sides - then pieces of 2x2 screwed to the
plywood all around so that the base of the amp sits very firmly - restrained
from moving side-to-side by the 2x2's.

The goal is for the wood to keep twisting forces off the amp chassis.

Then 2" or more of semi-rigid foam (the pink foam insulation board used in
contruction is excellent).

Place all of that in a heavy duty box that holds it snugly - the amp must
not move in this box - add more semi-rigid material until you almost have to
stand on the box to close it.

Around that box either a second layer of 2" pink foam board or 3-4" of
mattress foam then a second heavy-duty box.

Insure it well.

> Ernie Kluft wrote: I need to ship my HL-2200 (latest SB-220) to a
> friend several states away.... I know removing the tubes is
> necessary, but some have commented on removing the power transformer 
> also.... Any opinions or experiences on this ???? TNX, Ernie


Thanks! & 73, KD4E.com

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