[Boatanchors] AM-495/GR needed for parts

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Sun Aug 18 13:02:26 EDT 2013

  I want to reconstruct a project I had done as a kid. 
I modified an AM-495 to make an HF amplifier which I drove
by my CE 20A.
  It does not need to be complete just as long as it is mostly there.
Panel, box are the most important parts. I have sockets and tuning dials.
I have power supply. Don't want to ruin a perfectly good one.
  I have an earlier amplifier used in similar transmitter that has a pair of 
4E27A tubes in it that I have no need for. It is intended for 6 meters.
I also have loads of spare 4E27 tubes as well.
Bill wa4lav

800 498 7565

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